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Buyer’s Agency

Buyer’s Agency is a relatively new concept in the real estate business. In past years, realtors have always represented the seller. After all, the seller was the one making the business possible. Without sellers, we would be out of business. When a buyer was introduced to a property all the agents involved essentially worked for the sellers either as agents or sub-agents. They owed the seller everything, but owed the buyer honesty and fair dealing. That’s nice, but they are not comparable to the services the seller received.  No one was truly looking out for the best interest of the buyer.

Times have changed. Realtors realized that yes, sellers were important, but half of our business had to do with the buyers. After all, where would we be without buyers? There had to be a major shift in our thinking. We wanted to offer the buyers the same types of services we offered the sellers. That is how buyer agency came about. Merely working with a realtor in the buying process makes you a buyer customer. This means that the realtor owes you honesty and fair dealing. The one thing that gives the seller greater service in terms of care, obedience, confidentiality, accountability, disclosure etc. is a contract. Sellers sign a contract with the agents when they place their house on the market.

For buyers to obtain the same type of service from their agents, we are offering you a contract. What this contract guarantees is that your agent will not only be working with you, he or she will be working for you. You will be the agent’s client, not just a customer and he or she will owe you the same types of services as seller’s agents owe sellers. We owe you care, obedience, confidentiality, accountability, and disclosure. The length of the contract can be negotiated. The main issue is that the buyer will work with one agent exclusively for the term of the contract, and, if a property is purchased while under contract with the agent, the agent will receive a commission. We charge the buyer nothing in terms of upfront money or a retainer. We generally receive the commission from the seller when our client purchases a property.

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